Monday, June 30, 2008

Introduction to the Blog

So, this is my second blog created on blogger, the other covering spiritual issues, poetry, philosophy, humor, and so on. However, being a third year undergraduate graphic design student, I am constantly thinking about, and doing design. Throughout research, my classes and professors, and experience itself in general, I come across many different articles, good books, good examples of design and design theory, and so on. In this way I am able to provide constant new design/creative news. So I thought, why not make a design blog about it and collaborate these things? Hopefully making it easier for other students and dezyners (don't ask me why I love to spell it like that) to find good information and good books that comes from not just myself but my professors.

I'll do what I can to make the blog interesting and fun, so please - enjoy your visit and check back for updates! :)

If you'd like to contact me about anything whatsoever, please do so, at

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