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What is SUCCESS? Definition of success if relative, but many interconnected factors can contriute to a defined "success" for an artist.

Depends on the individual goals of the artist.

The Art World At Large:
Institutions of Art:

-Collecting Art useums (MoMA, SAM, the Louvre, National Gallery, etc.).

-Non-collecting Museums/Galleries (contemporary arts museum, houston, aldrich museum of contemporary art).

-Commercial galleries (PADA-Portland Art Dealers Association)

-Non-Commercial: Non-profit at organizations and exhibition venues. Artist-run galleries, government-sponsored or foundation-run glaleries (PICA, Blue Sky Gallery, etc).

Modernist Architecture -- The louvre.
-Centre de Georges Pompidou, Paris - 1972 to 1976.

Architecture of this reflects what you will see on the inside - great art works with a very modernly designed space.
New Museum of Contemporary Art: New York, 2007.
Guggenheim in New York, 1937--Frank Lloyd Wright (1959).

What is the role of Museum in our Culture?
--Public learning space
--Gives public a reference as to what is going on in our world art-wise.
--A type of attraction for tourists
--Warehouses for storing art
--Creating and reinforcing identity of location (region)
--Representing Values upheld by various groups (ie. ethnic groups)
--Classifying objects and creating value judgments (this is ART).

What are newer roles within museums?
-Public place/community place
-Gathering place
-Place for entertainment, activity, fun
-Place for producing/interpreting experiences:
gift shops, education spaces, audio/multimedia tours, venues for music, performance, lectures, film screenings, space for hire, multimedia displays.

Goals of attracting diverse audiences, of all ages and interests.

Major Contemporary Art Exhibitions:
-Biennials (Whitney, Venice, Site Santa Fe, Shanghai, Singapore, Yokohama, Taipei, Sydney, Liverpool, Sao Paolo, New Orleans (prospect), Havana, Montreal, Istanbul, Lyon..)

-Documents (every 5 years in Kassel, Germany) since 1955. Documenta 12 held 2007.

-Manifesta (biennial every 2 years in Europe in a different city), since 1996. In Italy in 2008.

-Sculpture projects muenster 2007. Mounted every ten years and previously hosted in 1977.

Art Fairs:
-Art Basel Miami
-AFFAIR @ the Jupiter Hotel (Portland)
-Art Chicago
-LA Art in New York
-PULSE Contemporary art Fair (NYC, London, Miami)
-The Armory Show
Auction Houses:

The Cultural Commodity
10 most Expensive Living Artists - 2004

"Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" - Lucien Freud's. 1995. Sold for $33 million.

Jeff Koons - New Hoover Deluxe Shampoo Polishers - 1980-1986.

Jeff Koons - Sandwiches, 2000.

Gerhard Richter

Richard Serra, Prop, 1968.

Jasper Johns Flag, 1954-55

Brice Marden, Vine. 1991.

Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram

Frank Stella, The Marriage of Reason and Squalor, II. 1959.

Bruce Nauman, One Hundred Live and Die.

Anselm Kiefer

Ellsworth Kelly

Wayne Thiebaud

David Hockney

Chuck Close

Julian Schnabel - Self Portrait

David Salle

To extremes--maximizing the potential of the market.

DAMIEN HIRST--Devil Worshiper...Sold for appox. $600,000
(painting of a black star...covered in dead flies).

Damien Hirst - For the Love of God

--Themes of death and decay, preservation, are prominent around this time (1990s etc).

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