Monday, March 30, 2009

Six Phases of Web Development

Six Phases of Web Development

Discovery: discovering the business goals and audience; determining capabilities
==> Using a client profiler to understand the client
==> Using an RFP (Request for Proposal)

Definition: defining the strategy and preparing a proposed solution for the client.
==> Business proposal
==> Creative components
==> Technical components
==> Overview of materials and resources
==> Estimated timeline
==> Estimated costs
==> Signed contract or project approval

Design: developing the solution and planning the process developing the purpose in line with the business goals and audience develop marketing plan
==> Develop creative, navigational, and editorial briefs
==> Determine technology, programming methods and requirements
==> Develop project timeline, assets list, team composition, project management
==> Information design
==> Interactive design
==> Screen design

Development: develop creative and technical components for the site
==> Develop a project site for project management and client review of development process
==> Generate or assemble all media assets
==> Build user interface
==> Build templates
==> Assemble pages and links
==> Testing and revision (staging)

Developing the site
==> Installing on host server and testing
==> Promoting the site
==> Documenting the site
==> Site maintenance
==> Site metrics
==> Site revisions

This phase is needed to shift ownership to the client and initiate any hosting or support follow-up.
==> Forming a maintenance team
==> Sharing information

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