Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In my interactive media class, we are working on a website for our electronic portfolios. Mine is a work in progress at Feedback/suggestions welcome.

In the process of developing our sites, the professor gave us two very interesting links... one with examples of inspiring portfolios, and one with not-so-great portfolios.

I really enjoyed these links, especially seeing the good portfolios. In many of them not only was the layout great, but the design work was amazing.

It also talks about the use of small thumbnails as a way of showing work, and why it isn't always the best thing to do. It mentions that when you use thumbnails that show only a small portion of your work, it doesn't really give you any motivation to click on one or the other. As thumbnails many times being part of the design of the website, I believe it may be better to make them bigger so that they show more of the work's uniqueness before the user even clicks on them for full version. Anyway, it has much more information about it on the link.

THE LINKS: - portfolios that accomplish goals - portfolios that kinda suck

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