Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some of my work

Thought I'd provide images for some of my work I've done so far. Most of these have been done in school classes - all aimed toward achieving a certain design goal.
This first design was created using only the letters "g" and "d." The grid in the middle was incorporated because it was part of the instruction for the assignment. We had to come up with a grid that resonated and worked well,
considering the colors and the letters "g" and "d"; including how they were arranged, what colors they were going to be, and so on.

This second image was created actually on my own outside of class. It's a design incorporating a quote from the Tao te Ching, one of my favorite books. I currently am using it as a design for my online store at cafepress. (

This third image is a pepsi label I design for the Pepsi Can contest. Whoever won of course got their design on pepsi cans all over the place and won a bunch of money. Unfortunately I didn't win. :( But I still like the design.

This fourth image was a class assignment. The goal was to create a catalog cover for Portland State's
2009 Summer Session classes. The final version is slightly different - the "e" in summer is moved to the left a bit, and the small print in the lower left is spaced better. I'll have to find the final version later. Anyway, we had to use type in an interesting way for our catalog cover.

This fifth image was also a school assignment. The objective was to create a cover for a technical design graphics manual. We had to find technical graphics and create unique illustrations from them. So I found some technical graphics, took them into illustrator and re-drew parts of them and put the parts together to create my own unique illustration.

More to come later!

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