Monday, October 13, 2008

Land Art - Postmodernism

Postmodernist Art

Land Art
-New Possibilities for Medium in Art -Temporary Works -Site-based Works -A Challenge to the notion of "object for institution"

Walter De Maria - The Lightning Field, 1977. Western New Mexico.
Lightning hits the poles, you can pay to go there and witness the lightning.

Walter De Maria - The New York Earth Room, 1977
-An Interior Earth Sculpture, 250 cubic yards of earth, within a space of 3600 sq. feet. 22" depth of the material.

Richard Long - A Line Made by Walking. 1967
Richard Long often incorporates circles and lines in his art. He doesn't want to change or alter landscape on a permanent scale, but accept that their art will return to their natural state after it is created (like with his line made by walking).

Richard Long - Red Slate Circle, 1980. Red slate stones. Diameter: 336 inches. Goldsworthy, Andy. Snowballs in Summer.
In 1999 he collected snowballs, filled each one with surprise in the center -- pebbles, sheep wools, etc. Put the finished snowballs in a deep freeze storage until summer, then transported them to London in refrigerated trucks. Midnight June 21st, 2000, he rolled these snowballs out all throughout parts of London.
They melted in two days, but what remained were the natural elements embedded within the snow.

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