Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Conceptualist Artists, Feminist Artists

Sophie Calle in her series of "The Hotel," tries to define private space and public space (for one, she enters into private spaces, yet then exposes them to the public), to investigate art and life, fiction and reality.

--However, how much of what a photograph reveals is actually true, though? Is Sophie truly exposing someone's private space, or is it she just making it appear that way?
Sophie Calle : "Exquisite Pain." In this work of art/photography, her theme is dealing with exquisite pain, more in relation to her personal story of a breakup with someone, with whom later she was supposed to meet somewhere but then he blew her off. She then also documents her friends' own experiences of pain, yet again displaying the idea of relative truth. "Exquisite Pain" is actually an installation on embroidered panels. Barbara Kruger - "I Shop Therefore I Am": Barbara takes images to reinforce the thinks that we think we value in our society. She is particularly critical about the way women are portrayed in the media. She mentions how there is politics in everything -- in every exchange with every person; in every exchange there is a power play. She makes her art about politics, life, death, power, etc.
"I'm living my life, not buying a lifestyle.
" Barbara Kruger Look, we're all saddled with things that make us better or worse. This world is a crazy place, and I've chosen to make my work about that insanity. Barbara Kruger

Doubt tempers belief with sanity. -Barbara Kruger "I think that I'm trying to engage issues of power and sexuality and money and life and death and power. Power is the most free-flowing element in society, maybe next to money, but in fact they both motor each other." - Barbara Kruger Cindy Sherman.
Appropriation of the medium of films. She saw Femininity as a Construct, not as something innate. Above photo is an Untitled Film Still. 1977-1980. She is the woman in the picture, as well as the one photographing herself. She is interpreting how she will be seen here by photographing herself, to oppose to the idea of being an object of desire in the man's eyes. She plays upon the idea of the "male gaze."
Laurie Simmons - Interested in the idea of identity, the role of women in society, sense of nostalgia in her work. It is about creating a narrative that is left to the viewer.
Displaying women's role, especially as it was in the 50s.
Above house is "The Kaleidoscope House," where she collaborated with an architect to make this. A Toy company contacted her though, and there are now limited edition toy reproductions of it.

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